The next meeting will take place during the World Championships in Hachioji, Japan at the 16th of August 2019. The congress will be organized and held by our members. 

Target Group:
Physiotherapists who work with (competition) climbers
Climbing coaches

To share empirically proven knowledge and inform about climbing related medical issues (focus on conservative treatments).

A detailed programme will be published soon. We are all looking forward to this event and would be happy to welcome you there. 


In September 2018 the second International Conservative Climbing Treatment Assembly – the ICCTA Vol.2 – took place during the IFSC Climbing World Championships in Innsbruck.
Thank you to all the therapists for this valuable exchange of knowledge and experience.

The two presentations, held at the ICCTA 2018 in Innsbruck by Klaus Isele and Zack DiCristino, can be downloaded here:

Klaus Isele: ICCTA Vol.2
Zack DiCristino: Pectoralis Minor


With some impressions from the ICCTA Vol.2 we hope, that we all keep this assembly in good memory! Feel free to share with #climbingphysios

© pictures by Moritz Liebhaber


The first  International Conservative Climbing Treatment Assembly – the ICCTA Vol.1 –happened in Vail (Colorado) during the IFSC Climbing World Cup in June 2018. You see us proud and happy – three passionate climbers and physiotherapists starting a movement 🙂