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Treatment of finger problems in climbers with the local-osteopahic Isele-method – A pilot study

The Isele-method includes a before/after comparison based on the patient’s finger position that causes most symptoms (SCP = symptoms causing position).

The SCP is used as reference for the comparison of complaints before and after the treatment (Isele-method). Within the treatment, three different techniques (Isele-techniques) are optionally used.

by Klaus Isele (Osteopath, Physiotherapist of the Austria Climbing Team (Boulder), Climbing Trainer, CEO Therapierbar)

Pectoralis Minor – Indicators for assessment and treatment



– Anatomy and role of pectoralis minor
– Role in other pathologies
– Causes
– Assessment for pectoralis minor
– Treatment

by Zack DiCristino (PT, MSPT, OCS, SCS – USA Climbing Team Lead Physical Therapist)