Worldwide Community of climbing physiotherapists” to share and exchange knowledge, inform about injuries and treatments, trends and innovations.



To help climbers to find out about possible experts on the field of conservative treatment options within climbing.

1. Share empirically proven knowledge about climbing related medical issues (focus on  conservative treatments).

2. Inform interested people, climbers, therapists, trainer and federations.

3. Prevent – What will we encounter in our sport? What kind of medical issues will we see?

4. Educate – Spread the word 🙂


How did this happen?

On a rough flight in between Japan and the USA physiotherapist Klaus Isele had the spontaneous idea of getting together the people who treat climbers regularly. Physiotherapists Paul Houghoughi and Zack DiChristiano were the first to join.
Together they founded this exchange platform. We would be happy if you, as an experienced climber and physiotherapist would love to join this movement. 

Feel free to contact us.


What is ICCTA?

ICCTA is the short form for International Conservative Climbing Treatment Assembly. Under this name, we meet all across the globe. We discuss, share and spread our knowledge at these meetings with all interested physiotherapists and climbers out there.